Construction company is confident to maintain operations and business in the distance of electronic signing application FPT.eContract

  • 16/10/2021

Electronic signature to flexibly adapt to the situation of social distancing causing difficulties in document delivery, risks in contact and too many obstacles in connecting the signator

A large-scale construction general contractor in Vietnam with works present throughout the three regions of North – Central – South. For a construction company, maintaining service activities for the construction site is vital, so the activities of signing, approving contract documents, requesting payment … or as simple as payment records. Payroll must still be maintained, no matter the circumstances. Facing the urgent problem, having to respond right in the time of the pandemic and seemingly having no solution, the company has built for itself a methodical process starting from determining the activities that must be maintained continuously. continuing to serve the site to researching and proposing technology & application solutions to meet the maintenance of the registration and approval process in the condition that the company cannot or cannot deliver.

From testing to change management to successful e-signing throughout the system with FPT.eContract

After approaching the FPT.eContract solution, COFICO began to evaluate the solution by immediately testing with a sample of documents, and at the same time conducted an analysis to evaluate the effectiveness and cost to submit to the management for approval for the development. declare solution. According to Mr. Tuan’s analysis, the total cost for a contract (signed in the traditional way) is about 300,000 VND / contract – 350,000 VND / contract will reduce to 100,000 VND / contract – 120,000 VND / contract contract (signed by electronic signature) and the cost is only charged on the completed application. In addition to saving costs, the solution also saves time such as no need to wait, travel, deliver, track the signing process and especially eliminate the risk of lost contracts. convince the leadership to bring the solution into large-scale application. Mr. Tuan also shared his experience, “when converting to a new method, change management is the focus, so establishing a channel to exchange, receive opinions and timely support is an important factor for the parties to change. The part perceives the change easily, thereby creating a positive and enthusiastic reception attitude”. Currently, the enterprise is continuing to expand, improve and adjust to integrate with the internal system as well as consult the legality to consider signing with partners related to state regulations such as minutes. contractor, pre-acceptance test, signing with foreign partners….

FPT.eContract and enterprises enable digital business experience and ensure uninterrupted business in all circumstances. For detailed advice on FPT.eContract electronic contract, please contact:

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