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Hợp đồng điện tử và các hình thức giao dịch trực tuyến

Với sự phát triển của Internet và Thương mại điện tử, Hợp đồng Điện tử đã đạt được những giá trị về phạm vi và tính đa dạng nói riêng. Hợp đồng trực tuyến hay Hợp đồng Điện tử là một thỏa thuận được lập theo mô hình điện tử, được ký kết và thực […]

How to sign contracts electronically?

Signing an electronic contract is an increasingly popular method in the world as well as in Vietnam. To better understand the method of signing contracts and electronic documents, FPT.eContract summarizes the information you need to know: 1. Definition of electronic contract Essentially, an electronic contract is simply a digital version of a regular contract. However, […]

FPT.eContract continues to affirm its leading position with the winning of Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2021

On December 9, Electronic Contract Software – FPT.eContract developed by FPT Information System (FPT IS) was honored to be awarded the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association – Vietnam Digital Awards 2021. This is the third prestigious award of FPT.eContract in 2021, contributing to affirming the outstanding quality of a software […]

Nhựa Bình Minh signs digital contracts with FPT.eContract platform

Recently, Binh Minh Plastics (BMP) has continued to trust FPT IS with the usage of econtract signing platform of FPT.eContract and digital signature FPT CA. After more than 4 months of production shutdown due to the pandemic, BMP has embarked on research and digital transformation to adapt to the new situation. Administration activities are gradually […]