Sign electronic contract with eSign OTP on FPT.eContract

  • 02/03/2023
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Besides the method of signing electronic contracts on FPT.eContract USB Token, users can also sign electronic contracts on FPT.eContract using eSign OTP, especially suitable for individuals and organizations only for authentication needs. documents, sign digital documents with a limited number of times, convenient and cost-optimized.

To sign an electronic contract on FPT.eContract by eSign OTP, the signer does not need to have an account of the system to still be able to sign the contract through the email received from the contract creator. The signer can access the device: computer, tablet, smart phone to receive email notification to sign or review the contract.

The steps are as follows:

The user opens the notification email with a contract that needs to be signed.
Click the “View Document” button, on the Access Authentication screen enter the email and the access code sent in the email.
Sign a picture, draw a signature image on the screen (if this type of signature is set up)
Select the function to select the function “Signature by FPT esign cloud OTP” to perform digital signature. The user enters the otp code received from the message in the box to enter the OTP code, selects “Signature”, the system notices “Signing successful”.


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