Joint Stock Commercial Bank automates the process of signing a contract to open a VISA card with FPT.eContract

  • 16/10/2021

A large joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam with more than 113 branches nationwide, operating in all segments of financial banking, has decided to digitize the signing process internally as well as with remote partners. by FPT.eContract from 2020.

Transactions between banks and civil for loans, opening credit cards done remotely

Along with that, the bank also integrates with a series of back-end systems to support authentication, signing, and synchronization of the signing flow process and FPT CA smart digital signature. Transactions between banks and civil for loans, opening credit cards… now using FPT.eContract service and FPT.CA digital signature have become convenient and fast, eliminating the delivery stage, loss avoidance, secure and centralized contract storage, saving 70% time and cost compared to before. Changing the new way of communication creates more convenience for customers in direct-to-personal experience, helping to expand and increase competitiveness and attract new customers.

Levels of approval of documents, procedures to open cards, consider digital signing or signing with pictures with just 1 operation

The activities of capital authentication and management procedures in the bank, which are approved internally through many levels, have also been carried out in accordance with the signing flow standard. No matter where you are, late at night or early in the morning, just open an email on a mobile device connected to the internet, approval levels can always review digital signatures or visual signatures with just one action. Contracts/documents starting from creation to the end of the final approval process are guaranteed data integrity with authentication steps recognized by Vietnamese law (Law on Electronic Transactions No. /2005/QH11 dated November 29, 2005 providing for electronic transactions in civil, business, commercial and other fields).

Results after electronic signing application with FPT.eContract
Contract signing time from 2 days to 20 minutes
80% reduction in customer waiting time
Save 60% of human resources

FPT.eContract and enterprises enable digital business experience and ensure uninterrupted business in all circumstances. For detailed advice on FPT.eContract electronic contract, please contact:

FPT Information System Company Limited – FPT Information System

Product consulting

24/7 Call Center: 1900.636.191- ext 1

North: 0934.583.499; 0919,626,829

South: 0934.453.466; 0932,991,468


Customer support

24/7 Call Center: 1900.636.191 – ext 3



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