Electronic Contract Software – FPT.eContract won the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

  • 12/01/2022
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Sự tin dùng của ngày càng nhiều khách hàng chính là minh chứng cho chất lượng và uy tín của một giải pháp Made by FPT.
Sự tin dùng của ngày càng nhiều khách hàng chính là minh chứng cho chất lượng và uy tín của một giải pháp Made by FPT.

After 2 months of evaluation by 100 judges who are CEOs around the world, FPT IS’s e-contract software – FPT.eContract excellently won the Bronze – Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Duong (Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2021), in the category of Innovation in B2B Products and Services, thanks to its new and modern features, which respond well to market trends.

FPT.eContract was launched to the market by FPT IS in May 2020, in the midst of the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic to help businesses overcome difficulties when they could not sign contracts directly in the traditional way. ensure continuous operation and breakthrough in business.

FPT.eContract is the first solution in Vietnam to help businesses, organizations and individuals create and set up their own review and e-signature flow to create e-contracts with legal validity in real-time. The shortest time with the most modern digital signing technology, thereby replacing the traditional method of entering into contracts with an electronic method, building a “paperless” and digital enterprise. Enterprises do not have to pay for printing, delivery and storage of contracts, eliminating the risk of contract loss, thereby not interrupting the signing for any objective reasons.

With FPT.eContract, users can easily sign single contracts or sign an unlimited number of contracts at the same time in just minutes. With contracts that require multiple levels of approval and signing, FPT.eContract also supports creating an automatic signing flow that suits business needs. Users can sign with USB token digital signature, cloud digital signature (Cloud) or image signature. The solution is suitable for all business models, all types of contracts, documents, and electronic certificates.

Only a short time after the launch, nearly 40,000 e-contracts have been successfully signed through the FPT.eContract platform, helping businesses reduce up to 70% of costs and 80% of signing time compared to traditional methods of signing. system. The product is being trusted and used by many customers in different fields such as: Department of Informatics and Financial Statistics – Ministry of Finance, Telehouse Vietnam, Vinamilk, Vietjet Air, 247Express, Ford Vietnam, Be Group , VietBank, Aizen Credit, New Viet Dairy, Yobe…

The trust of more and more customers is a testament to the quality and reputation of a Made by FPT solution. That is confirmed even more clearly when the product continuously receives great awards such as Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2021.

Phần mềm Hợp đồng điện tử - FPT.eContract giành giải thưởng Stevie Awards Châu Á - Thái Bình Dương - Ảnh 1

This is the only business award that recognizes innovation and creativity in businesses in the Asia-Pacific region, and is also one of eight programs within the framework of the prestigious “Stevie Awards”. ” – which is known as the “Oscar of the business world” – with a history of 19 years.

Previously, in April 2021, FPT.eContract was also honored to be awarded the 2021 Sao Khue Award – one of the leading prestigious awards of the Vietnam Software and IT Services industry.

“FPT.eContract is a well-invested and researched solution that not only helps organizations and businesses overcome difficulties in the period of social distancing, but also is an effective tool to promote business. efficient business. The product is expected by us to create a revolution in the way of signing in business and commercial activities in Vietnam in the near future”, affirmed Mr. Duong Dung Trieu – Chairman of FPT IS.

FPT.eContract is one of four products in the “FPT.eServices electronic services” solution suite, and is also one of the prominent information technology products in the Made by FPT ecosystem of products and solutions. of FPT Corporation to help organizations and businesses in all fields undergo comprehensive and effective digital transformation by optimizing business and operational activities, thereby recovering and making breakthroughs in the “normal” period. new”. At the same time, with a revenue growth rate of over 50% in 2020, the Made by FPT ecosystem is one of the Group’s key long-term growth drivers.

Source: vneconomy

Link: https://vneconomy.vn/phan-mem-hop-dong-dien-tu-fpt-econtract-gianh-giai-thuong-stevie-awards-chau-a-thai-binh-duong.htm


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