List 5 ways electronic signatures can benefit real estate agents

  • 04/01/2023
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Over the past 20 years, digital technology has streamlined nearly every aspect of the real estate industry. Buyers, sellers and agents only need a smartphone or tablet and a wireless connection to sign real estate documents. The e-signature solution is a “must have” feature that allows your clients or clients to sign real estate leases, listing agreements, offers or contracts on the go.


Here are five ways that digital signatures can benefit real estate agents and ensure paperwork doesn’t hinder productivity:


Faster real estate transactions


Real estate companies are constantly pursuing technologies that help them list and sell homes faster and more efficiently. The implementation of a digital signature solution ensures improved ways to produce, manage and transmit legal documents related to the purchase of a home or business. As a real estate agent, you will likely appreciate the unique autofill DigiSigner template feature. It will give you the freedom to get work done faster, create, distribute and eSign documents – anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Easy to use

Gone are the days when the process of selling a home or property required complicated procedures. Signing dozens of hardcopy documents such as offers and sales agreements is a thing of the past. Allowing documents to be digitally signed saves valuable time for anyone buying or selling property, especially when the two parties are at a distance. Brokers, agents and their clients want to ensure that they are using a secure system that does not share, take over, or sell their information to third parties. DigiSigner makes buying or selling homes easier by allowing real estate agents to register eSign documents quickly, confidentially and securely.


Satisfying customers and partners


By using Signeasy, all parties involved in a real estate transaction can sign documents anywhere, anytime and from their preferred device. It’s a win for everyone, especially the customer.


Reduce complexity and error


Go beyond the usual cycle of printing, scanning and sending documents, or even scrolling up and down to get a signature. Changes or errors in the document can be edited and shared instantly. No more delays in closing deals because of human error.


Compliance and security

With FPT, you can easily fill out and sign many of the required documents and ensure compliance at every stage. In addition, audit trails of all your paperwork are maintained to prevent negligence


Free document eSign solution for the education industry:


Are we ready to apply? Now that we are all clearly aware of the importance and benefits of digital signatures in the education sector, it is safe to say that they represent my talent or trustful support for the digital transformation of educational institutions. A variety of applications provide the basic foundation for applying digital signatures. Improved financial performance, expanded student services and reduced operating costs are some of the significant advantages of digital signatures. Another role of e-signatures in online education and learning is visibility into electronic signature statistical processes. It helps students find better opportunities to interact with organization management and focus more on studies and other related activities.



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