FPT.eContract creates growth leverage for financial services

  • 04/01/2023
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FPT IS expert said that the electronic signing platform FPT.eContract helps improve customer experience, supports financial service providers to grow and increase competition.

Information shared in the online consultation session “Exploiting experience and expanding customers for banking – securities businesses” on August 30. The program is part of a series of DX Quick-win seminars conducted by FPT IS and its partners to advise businesses on the journey of using e-contracts.

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet, Chief Technology Officer of Information System Company Limited (FPT IS), in recent years, the securities sector has become explosive and developed rapidly. By the end of June, the total number of securities trading accounts on the Vietnamese market had exceeded 6,161 million units, of which the number of accounts held by domestic individuals was also over 6,105 million units.

Mr. Xuan Viet emphasized that technology is becoming an important key of the future of the banking – securities industry. Technology supports convenient and fast account opening transactions, contributing to improving the competitiveness of businesses.

According to the director of FPT IS, one of the important technological “pushs” of banking and securities businesses is the application of electronic signatures for daily transactions. With the new method, businesses can initiate, set up the review flow and sign digitally to create legally valid electronic contracts in the shortest time.

Sharing at the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Ta Anh – Deputy Director of FPT Electronic Service Center said that FPT IS is a pioneer in providing solutions for electronic contract signing FPT.eContract.

“All contracts signed on FPT.eContract are authenticated with the electronic seal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade through the CeCA axis. FPT IS team is always ready to support and accompany businesses in the authentication process,” Mr. Ta Anh said.

FPT.eContract tạo đòn bẩy tăng trưởng cho doanh nghiệp ngân hàng
Information about the legal platform FPT.eContract shared by Mr. Nguyen Ta Anh. Screenshots

Particularly on the FPT.eContract platform, from 2020 to now, there have been over 1.2 million electronic signing transactions, solving the problem of contract signing and internal records for hundreds of thousands of users as well as multi-enterprises branch.

Although understanding the importance of the application of e-contracts, the motivation to promote digital transformation and the problem of choosing service providers is still a big concern of many businesses.

Tien Phong Securities Joint Stock Company (TPS) is one of many units implementing FPT.eContract electronic contract solution. Towards the vision of being a technology securities company, TPS pioneers in applying technology to enhance the external and internal customer experience.

Mr. Pham Thanh Tuan – TPS Technology Director said that the motivation to switch to using e-contracts of the unit stems from the difficulties encountered during online working due to the impact of Covid-19.

“Besides the obstacle of distance, other problems such as printing, storage, long waiting time for signing… also urge us to apply technology solutions in operation, increasing customer experience. goods,” said Mr. Tuan.

FPT.eContract tạo đòn bẩy tăng trưởng cho doanh nghiệp ngân hàng - 1
Results when applying FPT.eContract from TPS. Screenshots

Besides TPS, Mirae Asset Securities (Vietnam) Joint Stock Company (MAS) also achieved remarkable achievements in digital transformation. MAS has implemented a 100% online account opening system through digital signature, customers do not have to submit paper contracts as before. With the technology ecosystem, MAS provides customers with better experiences with convenience and speed.

Mr. Ngo Dang Trieu – Deputy Director of Information Technology MAS said that the unit is currently one of the leading securities companies in Korea and Vietnam. The company has 10 branches in key cities.

“We recognize the importance of applying technology to speed up operations and efficiency. Across the wide network, we are very interested in reducing the barriers associated with remote signing. That is also the motivation for the company to apply the electronic contract solution through digital signing to the securities trading account opening process. Customers can transact immediately upon successful account opening,” added Mr. Trieu.

FPT.eContract tạo đòn bẩy tăng trưởng cho doanh nghiệp ngân hàng - 2
MAS enhances customer experience when using FPT.eContract. Screenshots

Source: vnexpress

Link: https://vnexpress.net/fpt-econtract-tao-don-bay-tang-truong-cho-dich-vu-tai-chinh-4508498.html


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