Sao Khue 2021 honors 12 digital conversion products Made by FPT

  • 04/01/2023
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On April 24, 2021, the ceremony to announce and award Sao Khue Award 2021 by the Association of Software and IT Services (VINASA) was held in Hanoi.

Two FPT products that won the Top 10 Sao Khue this year are akaMES – Real-time production management and coordination platform and akaAT – Automated testing products. In addition, FPT was also honored to receive 10 Sao Khue titles for products and solutions in the fields of Digital Government, Digital Health, Digital Enterprise/Digital Economy…

The main criteria for selecting products Top 10 Sao Khue include: high revenue, good growth; superior technology, innovative breakthrough; and great social impact, effective on a large scale, solving pressing problems of society…

FPT is the only enterprise with two products reaching the Top 10 Sao Khue 2021

akaMES – Real-time production management and coordination platform

FPT’s akaMES helps businesses solve 3 core problems in production: real-time production management; Data integration and display KPIs calculate production costs by line.

Through the process of deploying in factories of many large corporations, akaMES has helped save costs of system management, deployment and operation; 100% improvement of material reuse process; 5% reduction in fuel consumption in production; completely replacing the use of paper in the factory, contributing to a good impact on environmental protection, optimizing the use of resources of machines, people, factories…

akaAT – Automated Testing Products

This is a powerful tool to help businesses increase the efficiency of the testing process and maximize the scope of testing. Not only helps to improve quality, akaAT also helps the testing process to be many times faster, while reducing related costs, increasing investment efficiency, and enhancing employee morale when replacing other tools. repetition.

akaAT products have saved significant costs, resources and time for many customers in different fields.

10 other solutions, products and services of FPT that won the Sao Khue title in 2021 include: Electronic contract software – FPT.eContract; Medical information switching axis – FPT.HIE; Platform software for integration, sharing e-Government/Ministry-level/sector/local level – FPT.LGSP; Online training solution software – FPT.eLearning; Information system, management and operation of public passenger transport by bus – FPT.iBus; Electronic medical examination book – FPT.CaresBook; Hotel management software on cloud computing platform – FPT.SkyBeds; FPT digital accounting software – FPT Digital Accounting; Foxpay e-wallet; IT Training – IT Training Services.




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