FPT.eContract continues to affirm its leading position with the winning of Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2021

  • 11/12/2021

On December 9, Electronic Contract Software – FPT.eContract developed by FPT Information System (FPT IS) was honored to be awarded the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association – Vietnam Digital Awards 2021. This is the third prestigious award of FPT.eContract in 2021, contributing to affirming the outstanding quality of a software “Made by FPT IS” just over a year after its launch.

Based on the criteria of comprehensiveness, creativity, efficiency…, FPT.eContract was excellently awarded the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2021  in the category of  Standard digital technology products, services and solutions. Launched in mid-2020 – right at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated developments, FPT.eContract has become a pioneering solution in the e-signing market in Vietnam, helping organizations and businesses not only quickly transform the signing method to promptly respond to the pandemic, but also step by step digital transformation and breakthrough in the 4.0 era.


FPT.eContract was awarded the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2021 

Compared to other solutions today, FPT.eContract is not only a digital signing tool, but also allows users to initiate and set up a review/signing flow and manage the entire online signing process on one system. single system. Thanks to outstanding features combined with 24×7 support from FPT IS team, after just over a year of launch, FPT.eContract is being trusted by more than 700 organizations and businesses with nearly 1,000,000 documents was successfully signed through the system, and became the solution with a large number of leading customers in Vietnam’s e-signing market.

The Vietnam Digital Transformation Award is the third award of FPT.eContract won in 2021. Previously, the “Made by FPT IS” solution was honored to be awarded the Sao Khue Award and the Asia Stevie Awards- Pacific (Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2021). The birth of FPT.eContract has brought organizations and businesses an effective anti-epidemic “vaccine” to ensure business continuity during the pandemic, while also contributing to promoting the process of national digital transformation. The solution is expected to create a revolution in the method of signing in business and commercial activities in Vietnam in the near future.

The Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2021 honors 53 state agencies, non-business units, businesses and individuals.

2021 is the fourth year that the Vietnam Digital Media Association organizes the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award to honor outstanding digital transformation achievements, thereby contributing to promoting the national digital transformation. This year, the Award attracted the participation of more than 300 nominations from state agencies, non-business units, businesses and individuals. After many rounds of evaluation, the final panel consisting of leading experts in the field of IT and digital transformation decided to award 53 best nominations in 4 categories including: State agencies, applications excellent digital transformation career; Excellent digital transformation business; Typical digital technology products, services and solutions; Products and solutions to bridge the digital divide.

In addition to FPT.eContract, the “Comprehensive Process Automation Platform for Enterprises akaBot” and the “Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Platform FPT.AI” of FPT Corporation were also excellently honored at the Digital Transformation Awards. Vietnam 2021.


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