What is a real estate contract?

  • 04/01/2023
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A real estate contract is a legally binding document between the buyer of real estate and the seller. Like other types of sales contracts, it stipulates that there will be an exchange of title to an asset, often (but not always) for money. For a purchase of a home or property to be valid in the United States, a contract of sale must be in writing. Real estate contracts are different from mortgage papers. A mortgage is an agreement between a borrower and a lender to secure a loan to be used to purchase real estate, while a real estate contract is between a buyer and the owner of the property, and it related to the property itself.

What is an e-contract? 

An e-contract is a digital contract created and signed digitally. E-contracts can be created online to be emailed to stakeholders to enable them to sign contracts electronically through their mobile devices. The electronic signature made on the electronic document / contract shows that the singer signed the contract after careful review, he accepts the terms and conditions mentioned in the digital contract and voluntarily agree to that contract. After digitally signing the document, the signer shares it with the document creator as a final step. All the names of the parties connected to the document perform the same process. There is a more common type of e-contract in the form of “click to agree”. We see such types of e-contracts when we download any software or want to install it into the computer system.

Go digital with real estate transactions. Contracts take time and effort. You can make them more efficient with digital documents and digital signatures. Electronic signatures are legally binding in all states and territories of the United States as well as most other countries around the globe. Digital contracts are more accessible to everyone, as they can be viewed on any device capable of displaying PDF.

Always on the go 

The e-signature solution gives brokers remote flexibility. They have the ability to expand their customer base within and across different states or countries. Brokers no longer need to live near their clients. eSignature vendors support cloud-based software, allowing both parties to virtually execute eSign documents from anywhere in the world. Whether you or your client live in the same city or a few states away is nothing to worry about.

Gain confidence 

Another way to build trust with the users you work with is to give them access to highly secure digital signature software. They just need to click to legitimize eSign documents when invited via email. Once everyone has signed, they automatically receive a final executed document with all required signatures. Making sure that all the right people have executed the right version of the document and that it doesn’t have any chance of being changed is what will build trust and make your customers more confident when it comes to doing business with you.


Modernizing real estate transactions can save your business a lot of time and stress. It is estimated that some real estate agents can “save $20,000 a year on printing, gas and document storage costs” by going paperless.

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