Nhựa Bình Minh signs digital contracts with FPT.eContract platform

  • 11/12/2021

Recently, Binh Minh Plastics (BMP) has continued to trust FPT IS with the usage of econtract signing platform of FPT.eContract and digital signature FPT CA. After more than 4 months of production shutdown due to the pandemic, BMP has embarked on research and digital transformation to adapt to the new situation. Administration activities are gradually being digitalized with  initial digitization of signing of contracts with e-signatures, e-contracts. The company  studying next steps for the digitization of the office, factory to optimize their production capacity.

FPT.eContract solution helps Binh Minh Plastics to quickly and flexibly sign on a variety of electronic devices, handling a large number of contracts and documents at the same time. In addition, with the huge data storage space, the system contributes to the electronicization of tasks in data management, search and storage in order to reduce printing and administration costs. a series of important documents and contracts of the business.

Binh Minh Plastic Joint Stock Company (BMP) is a long-standing brand in the field of production, business, manufacturing equipment, machinery and construction of products and works from plastic and rubber.
FPT.eContract – Leading digital contract signing platform
Hotline for consultation 0934.453.466 – 0919.626.829 – 1900 636 191
Agent registration: 0981826663 (Mr. Tung)
Website:  https://econtract.fpt.com.vn/
Email: FPT.eContract@fpt.com.vn | customersupport@fpt.com.vn


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