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  • 06/01/2023
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On May 25, FPT officially launched FPT.eContract – the first solution to support businesses to sign electronic contracts remotely 24/7 on the market.

Comprehensive Electronic Contract Solution FPT.eContract aims to build a paperless business, optimize operations, save up to 70% of time and cost compared to traditional methods. This is also one of the outstanding products in FPT’s “digital transformation solution” set, “supporting businesses”, recovering, making breakthroughs in the future and especially in the period of the New Normal.

Currently, most businesses are still applying the traditional way of signing and managing the contract signing process, including printing, delivery and exchange of parties, leading to a lot of time constraints. and interrupt with force majeure.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is a typical example when all activities were halted and delayed, affecting the progress of ongoing work. In addition, the management, synthesis, storage and extraction of traditional physical data warehouses also take a lot of time and resources of enterprises.

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Working interface of FPT.eContract homepage

In order to thoroughly solve the problem for businesses, especially in the period when the New Normal is taking shape and is taking place strongly, FPT officially deployed the Electronic Contract Solution opFPT.eContract – a pioneering solution. digitize and automate the contract signing process between businesses and businesses/partners/individuals, helping to optimize operations and improve customer experience. This solution is expected to revolutionize the method of signing in “business activities” and commerce in Vietnam in the near future.

FPT.eContract is the first system in Vietnam that allows to perform the entire process from contract creation, defining roles to signing, signing and storing, and managing contracts on the same digital platform. Enterprises can easily sign individual contracts or sign in bulk unlimited quantity contracts at the same time in just minutes.

With contracts requiring multiple levels of approval and signing, FPT.eContract can also help create an automated signing flow tailored to business needs. Enterprises can sign using a USB token digital signature, a cloud-based digital signature (Cloud) or a photo signature (applicable to internal documents or on demand).

Electronic contract FPT.eContract can be applied to all business models, all types of contracts, documents, and electronic certificates. With the conversion from traditional signing method to remote electronic contract signing thanks to FPT.eContract, businesses can reduce costs by up to 70% and signing time by 70% thanks to the following benefits:

Signing Paperless – No Interruptions

Towards building a paperless business, the solution supports the creation of legally valid electronic contracts in the shortest time, suitable for all modern digital signing technologies. Enterprises do not have to pay for printing, delivery and storage of contracts, eliminating the risk of contract loss, thereby not interrupting the signing for any objective reasons.

Automation – Simplify the whole process

Enterprises and partners can easily customize, fill out live content, approve on multiple levels/peer online across multiple devices. In particular, the signing process is automatically notified to participants who do not need to have an account on the system. In addition, contracts are saved on a digital platform, creating convenience in management, storage and search.

FPT miễn phí 3 tháng cho giải pháp toàn diện ký hợp đồng điện tử FPT.eContract - 2

Guaranteed legal value and maximum security

FPT.eContract solution was built by FPT on the basis of a full study of relevant Laws, Decrees and Regulations. Since 2005, the Law on Electronic Transactions No. 51/2005/QH11 has recognized the legality of electronic contracts, Decree No. 130/2018/ND-CP detailing the implementation of the Law on Electronic Transactions on Words. digital signature and digital signature authentication services. In addition, the system applies security measures against attacks and data loss 24/7, businesses are completely assured when performing the process of signing or storing contract management on the platform.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh, General Director of FPT Information System Company (the development unit of FPT.eContract, belonging to FPT Corporation) affirmed: “Decades of accompanying Vietnamese businesses have helped FPT understand business needs. in the process of operation as well as how to solve difficulties with technological solutions. With FPT.eContract, FPT believes in bringing many benefits in terms of promoting business faster and more efficiently, providing digital experiences and building digital businesses, and at the same time helping businesses to quickly lead the state. The new normal”.

FPT.eContract is one of the outstanding products in FPT’s digital transformation solution suite (https://solutions.fpt.com.vn/) to accompany and support businesses in applying digital technology solutions. to cut costs, optimize operations, rationally use human resources, shorten time. From there, creating a stepping stone and motivation for Vietnamese businesses to recover and break through in the New Normal.




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