Benefits of digital signatures in schools

  • 28/12/2022
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Digital transformation is a top priority for many colleges and universities. Among other common trends facing educational institutions today, declining student enrollment, declining revenue streams, and unpredictable government funding have placed a strong emphasis on digitalization. Following a shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, universities’ education officials must adapt while remaining committed to their core missions and improving the student experience to help them thrive as a leader. Their vision should embrace change and take advantage of the current environment to prepare for long-term success.

Automate the process and reduce the risk

Organizations should start automating workflows to ensure efficient administrative processes. Process automation is one of the best benefits of digital signatures in the education industry. Various educational institutions want to revolutionize the start of workflow automation to ensure reliable administrative processes. Digital signature platform Conventional paper-based processes infer various costs including paper and ink, shipping and postage costs, and printer maintenance costs. One of the main reasons behind adopting digital signatures is that most of the work t Much of the cost associated with manual approval processes can easily be eliminated through digital signature solutions and any documents manually and track lost documents.


Safe communication and document verification

Another use of electronic signatures in the education sector is that it secures student information such as important documents in educational institutions’ databases and protects it from theft. Electronic signatures allow organizations to share important documents with parents whenever required. One of the benefits of a digital signature is that it provides you with the facility of checking traces that helps keep track of all the important details of the signature. Users of the electronic signature solution can easily find out who signed the document with the time and place of signing. Digital signatures are better protected with improved security against notable threats such as document tampering and misplacement or misplacement of documents.


Simply the application process

The application process is where you may first notice a large portion of the paperwork in the education industry. Student applications largely revolve around traditional pen and paper signatures that present significant obstacles for students and staff and ensure process disruption. Towards a paperless solution that can help students sign documents electronically, send important student documents and sign them in seconds.


The adoption of e-signatures also helps in efficient monitoring of forms and a great e-signature service that can automatically notify parents and students to sign forms. Submission of documents for the education sector. provide more efficient and simple document tracking services in real time to avoid any inconvenience and get better visibility and speed along with simplifying the registration process.


Institutional processes and comprehensive integration

Another need for digital signatures in the education industry is that they provide reliable support for integration with different technologies. Various departments leverage different technologies and systems to their potential advantage in large-scale deployment of different departmental functions. Electronic solutions can effectively integrate with various administrative processes including enterprise content management, sales automation, document management systems and student records management. The integration of the latest, sophisticated e-signature solutions ensures a complete digital transformation with its coverage of all administrative and educational processes. Educational institutions widely apply these electronic solutions integrated with the widest range of solutions mentioned above.


According to the provisions of the “Electronic Signatures Law”: “A trusted electronic signature has the same legal effect as a handwritten signature or a seal.” Thus, the conditions for a reliable digital signature are: the digital signature is proprietary and controlled by the signer, Changes to the digital signature can be found after signing, and can find the content data changes of the signed document.


Digital signatures are governed by Decree No. 130 2018 ND-CP as well as other Decrees and Circulars. A digital signature is defined as a subset of electronic signatures formed by transforming a data message using asymmetric cryptography.


There are many ways to create a digital signature. Each initialization signature typically takes only a few clicks or swipes, and will be stored in the subject’s HelloSign account for future reuse. A few ways to get started: Draw a signature with your finger or stylus. This is super handy if you’re logging in on a mobile or tablet. With just access to a touchscreen, you can use your finger to create handwritten signatures directly in your documents. Upload your photo signature. Use your phone or camera to capture your signature on paper. Once uploaded to your HelloSign account, the photo will be converted to a .png file and neatly placed under your document signature. Use the cursor to draw the signature. Using a mouse or trackpad, you can drag the pointer along the signature line to create a unique digital signature. Use the keyboard to enter your signature. This is the easiest way to create a digital signature. Once you’ve finished typing your name, you can choose a font that matches your signature.


Legal digital signature providers for businesses: VIETTEL, FPT, BKAV, CK, VINA, NEWTEL, NACENCOMM, SAFE-CA. Businesses can buy digital signatures from these vendors.

Are you looking for a reliable electronic signature for your Healthcare Organization? If you are looking for a trusted digital signature to use in your healthcare organization, use E-Sign today. Whether you are a private provider or the NHS, we can provide you with a secure and user-friendly digital signature to start your digital journey.


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