FPT deploys an e-contract solution for the Ministry of Finance

  • 12/01/2023
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(VNF) – In June, FPT and the Center for Technology Transfer and Technical Support, Department of Informatics and Statistics of Finance (Ministry of Finance) completed the implementation and prepared to put the solution into application. Electronic contract FPT.eContract.

FPT triển khai giải pháp hợp đồng điện tử cho Bộ Tài chính
Giải pháp hợp đồng điện tử FPT.eContract.

FPT deploys an e-contract solution for the Ministry of Finance
Electronic contract solution FPT.eContract.
With this cooperation, about 5,000 contracts between the Center and administrative units nationwide will be completely converted from traditional contracts to electronic contracts, significantly saving management costs. , storage, delivery of contracts…

The specialty of the Center for Technology Transfer and Technical Support is to sign many contracts with administrative units across the country. The traditional signing process, which includes steps from creating a contract, printing, submitting to signing, stamping and sending the contract, costs a lot of time and personnel, not to mention the need to urge contractors to sign contracts. contract, sign and send it back to the center for storage.

According to the center’s representative, it usually takes at least a week for this process, not to mention many times of wrong information, confusion, lost contracts, etc. unnecessary time.

Under the agreement, FPT deployed the electronic contract solution FPT.eContract for the Transfer Center of the Department of Informatics and Statistics of Finance – Ministry of Finance with the amount of 5,000 contracts. Currently, the solution has been implemented and guided by FPT and is entering the acceptance phase to be put into application.

In the immediate future, the technology transfer and technical support center will use the electronic contract FPT.eContract to sign contracts with units using Commune Accounting software, administrative and non-business accounting software (IMAS) ).

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung, the center’s leader, said that although signing a contract is simple, it takes a lot of resources, especially when you have to sign hundreds or even thousands of contracts continuously. In addition, the management of contract warehouses, storage, aggregation and search is also not a simple matter.

“In the context of ever-evolving technology, we expect companies like FPT to continue to develop innovative technology products that help promote digital transformation for organizations and businesses, promote develop the digital economy,” said Mr. Dung.

This solution will help the center streamline the process, reduce management and contract costs. In addition, the center will save most of the costs for the delivery of contracts, acceptance minutes, and intermediate documents of the project.

Source: vietnamfinance

Link: https://vietnamfinance.vn/fpt-trien-khai-giai-phap-hop-dong-dien-tu-cho-bo-tai-chinh-20180504224241059.htm

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